• narrative plot
    Narrative plot

    Sustainability has its limits when ideas and resources are limited and cut off. The history of Disce, the scarcity of resources, and the power structures create suspicion, factions, and further generations of distrust. This chapter introduces three of the main characters in Disce through the sequence of a chase. Note the beaten streets, old buildings, and dusty backdrops, what kind of a place is this? Why are Perikids chasing Resu? Is it what's in her bag? Sour spots Resu in telescope the she made herself. When she and Gelo decide to help Resu get away from the Perikids, they build a fake wall to hide them. Note the materials that they have to use and the ingenuity in building all their own devices. A dust storm blankets the scenes, allowing Resu to escape, but the characters seem quite familiar with dust storms. How often do the occur and what does that mean for the world in which they live? Motion, geometry, mapping, environment, dust, optics, and innovation in design are all topics that are fit for exploring in this first chapter.

  • standards & subjects
    Standards & subjects

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