Disce map clr


The city of Disce (Latin for Learn) once thrived. It was the epicenter of modernity before the Rantium, which changed everything. Disce is a circular city that was once a major thoroughfare of trade and thought. The city is now a mishmash of abandoned and broken-down buildings. The people of Disce used to be innovators, experimenters, but now focus on guarding their thoughts and possessions.

The city has an air of doubt and its people have an eye for security even though its population is largely known.. In the different sectors of Disce, thieves run in Periculum, The Authority sit in Horus, families abide in Amelia, and the abandoned ruins of Tiber hold no one but the toughest of insects. Most of the people live in Amelia in old buildings or makeshift homes. These improvised homes are a combination of original construction and scavenged resources. They try to keep these structures wind tight because dust storms punish everything they hit. People and homes try to shade themselves because the sun wears on everything with intensity.

The architecture speaks to a city that was once progressive and creative in its design. Curiosity has been replaced by survival. The abandoned towers, the half existent cornices and walls, and the very concentric and thoughtful layout itself are whispers of a creative world gone. Scarcity, a feeling of worse to come, and the need to keep to yourself have replaced curiosity. Suspicion is weaving into the fabric of people in Disce.

The streets are sometimes flat, sometimes potted, sometimes stones too large for strong hands to pull. Alleys narrow and widen according to fallen versus standing buildings.

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