Gelo 2


Gelo loves contrasts. You might be able to tell by his dark complexion and white hair. His friend, Sour, did the hair cut herself. Like her, Gelo has unending energy but carries a perpetual smirk that never quite makes it to a smile. His actual name is Chamogelo (Greek for smile). He often gets into trouble but never out of bad intent. He’s just really curious and thinks he can do anything! Part of the reason is that he is surprisingly large and strong for his age.

Sometimes he relies too much on his strength and gets himself in bad spots. That’s how he broke his right pinkie finger and his nose, both of which healed crooked. Raised by his uncle, who loved rope and knots, Gelo often uses Uncle Gordi’s knot and a piece of old ship rope as a belt. It comes in handy.

Also found in Connector Stories