Karina is unique among people in Disce, she is a very creative thinker. Karina is the youngest of all her siblings and helps her father figure out creative ways to modify their home to thrive in the severe environment. Her sister, Nasim, is agile and able to scale cliffs, hide in shadows, and run like a deer, but she always turns to Karina for strategies and plans. Karina is the mastermind of the Devi family.

Her family wanted Karina to share a room with her sisters, but Karina wanted her own space. She had her sisters install poles across the ceiling of her chamber. Ropes were hung strategically from the poles so Karina could attach a harness she made herself. She designed the system and uses it to move anywhere she wants in her room.

Karina spends much of her time using stones to etch ideas, poems, and drawings into the dirt floor. Every Friday, the Devi family gathers to eat in Karina’s room. She reads them a poem or story she wrote that week off the tablet on the floor. Usually, she dedicates the stories to her sister, Nasim, because she loves Karina’s stories more than anyone.

Found in: The Escape from Disce