No one knows her real name, or even how she earned the name “Sour.” Too busy using her spyglass to keep track of everything going on in Disce, she never thought to ask. She's endlessly optimistic, contagiously so. Even with all that energy, she can fall asleep as soon as she closes her eyes. She’s short and petite so people think she is younger than she is. But once you see her scheming and plotting, you know she is a force.

Her hair stands on end and is bushy like a dandelion. She loves it that way! Sour squeezes into small spaces and watches the world go by. When she gets mad she might kick something, which is why she wears a shin-guard on her right leg. Her anger goes away quickly when she is with her best friend, Gelo. Sour’s mom and sister are the opposite of her. Prodosia, her sister, is suspicious and tries to keep an eye on Sour, when she can. That’s another reason why Sour is so good at hiding.

Also found in Connector Stories