COUNT on Origami

These lessons and activities are centered on Origami. Basic geometry, scaling, symmetry, and art expression can be learned while creating many different shapes and designs via origami. Most lessons are 5th to 8th grade appropriate.

The Art of Origami

  • Overview

    • Participants will learn about the history and art of origami. Participants will identify many real-world applications of origami and how paper folding relates to math. Participants will explain the importance of patience and perseverance.

    • When most people think of origami, they think of Japan; however, origami actually started in China with the invention of paper around 105 AD. It was brought to Japan in the sixth century by Buddhist monks.

    • These activities includes: watching a documentary, discussion of art and origami, practice with basic origami principles and designs, advancing in origami toward things like tetrahedron and determine the geometric properties of their model, including the number of faces, edges, and vertices, etc., surface area, and so on.

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    • The Gami Chamber View
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