Modern Physics

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Main Story

A centerpiece of the model is storytelling. We provide a book, graphic novel, and sets of characters for storytelling. There is no overt educational target. We want readers. We want a story educators can use in a variety of ways for a variety of topics. A book and many researchers are waiting to be downloaded here.

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Connecting Stories

An after-school program on math and origami? A summer camp on catapults and forces? How about a dog launched into space? We have stories suited for programs like these (contact us if you want one for your program). The stories tie to the main story, either in theme or characters, but stand on their own. Get a look at the options here.

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Graphic Novel

Oppression, fear, and danger, can three kids use their curiosity and friendship to discover the secrets of Disce? Should they escape if they can? This graphic novel reveals the clues and adventures to leave you answering such questions. Explore the story, pause and use the images or theme to introduce your teaching lessons or borrow our activities. Find it, read it online, download it here.

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Find sets of lessons, hands-on activities, media, and all the resources you need. Of course, we have them tied to stories. Create your own programs (still in work), choose one of our offerings, or send us your curriculum and we will build a story to suit it (or show you how ones we already have can work well).

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