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    We are here to connect learners to creative opportunities. We use stories in any media and connect moments of inspiration, inquiry, and repetition to bring those learning opportunities. As such, the term "Connector" can mean many things. We can connect stories to any subject or to use of logic. We can connect any lesson or activity on a subject to opportunities for art, inquiry, experimentation, or even another story. Below we show examples of Connectors from basic to deep. Contact us for ways to connect your teachers, curricula, and programs to creative learning.

    How to Use Our Model

    There are many connectors (short stories, graphic novels, long stories,...


    Tips on Storytelling for Learning

    Find quick tips on using storytelling to engage and teach....


    What is a Connector and How

    A brief look at connectors in the context of the...


    The Violet Wall

    A short story of mystery in Bjarmalands, Euclid and his...


    Jacoba's Glasses

    A short to medium length story on the value of...


    Fidel the Space Dog

    Hybrid short story-graphic novel. In the distant future from Disce,...


    The Gami Chamber

    Mid-length written story. Three characters find an underground chamber. Its...


    Escape from Disce (short story written)

    A written version of the short story "Escape from Disce."...


    Escape from Disce (audio)

    An audio version of the short story "Escape from Disce."...


    Escape from Disce (graphic novel)

    The main story, Escape from Disce, is available in book,...


    Energy Sources

    A mid-length written story, it acts as a choose your...


    The Story of the Lead Foot Wall

    A short written story that explains the background of a...

  • Conectores

    ¿Un programa después de la escuela sobre matemáticas y origami? Un campamento de verano en catapultas y fuerzas? ¿Qué tal un perro lanzado al espacio? Tenemos historias adecuadas para programas como estos (contáctenos si lo desea para su programa). Las historias se relacionan con la historia principal, ya sea en el tema o en los personajes, pero se sostienen por sí mismas. Eche un vistazo a las siguientes opciones o la guía Cómo usar los conectores.

    Los Anteojos de Jacoba

    Una breve historia sobre... el valor de la perspectiva. Esta...